Diaper to Cloth Pad

This is a short tutorial on upcycling a pocket diaper to a cloth menstrual pad.

*Please excuse my uneven stitching and not great pictures, I was balancing a baby on my hip and sewing with 1 hand. Multitasking for the win!

This would have been easier with a regular pocket diaper but I had this one on hand.


  • Cloth diaper (pocket style)
  • Core material (I used flannel)
  • Polyester thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors (pinking shears make curves easier)
  • Wing closure of your choice (not pictured)

So here’s what I did.

1. Cut into elastic so the diaper lays flat. (Legs and back)

  1. Trace the pattern I wanted, a 10″ long pattern fit well on this diaper. Mak sure your parttern is short enough to not have the snaps from the PUL side on your pad. (If you want to leave it a pocket style pad, make sure your pattern is all the way at the bottom, and leave the elastic intact)
  2. Cut out leaving seam allowance.
  3. next I seam ripped the sides because my wings went into it. And pull elastic out of the “diaper”.
  4. cut your core. I see strips of flannel I had on hand.
  5. Sew core to topper. My diaper is an overlapping pocket style so is a bit different. A regular pocket would be easier.
  6. lay fabric correct sides facing each other. So when you flip it right side out, it’ll be correct.
  7. Sew along like (retrace on the side if you need) trim with pinking shears or snip curves and corners.
  8. Flip the pad inside out so it’s now correct. And topstitch leaving the bottom open if you left it as a pocket. Mine overlaps so I could sew all the way around.

I can make extra inserts for this now to adjust the absorbency.

Don’t forget to add snaps, Velcro or button to the wings.

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