It’s Not Just Women Who Have to Deal with Periods

dadsUs women often think it’s just us who have to deal with that time of the month, but most don’t realize how it affects others. Husbands, single dads, dads (including step dads) in general and brothers often have to deal with a period at some point.

I can almost guarantee that someone you know has had to have their husband, dad or brother buy them menstrual products from the store. I just read an article about a wife asking the cashier to double bag her tampons so her husband wouldn’t feel uncomfortable carrying the bag. I think that is so sad. Why are we so embarrassed about our periods, and why do we not push for making them normal?! They are normal! literally half of the world menstruate!!

Theres nothing dirty or embarrassing about menstruation. Period. It is a normal body function that females have which gives us the power to possibly grow a human if we choose to!



The charity I run donates reusable menstrual products to people in need in the USA, and we often get applications from mothers for their daughter(s), but we want dads to know we are here for them too! If their daughter wants to use cloth pads or a menstrual cup and can’t afford the investment, please fill out an application for them! Don’t be embarrassed or feel weird about filling out an application. Have a talk with your daughter, if she want to use a healthier option, we are here to help!

reusable not only are healthier than disposable, they are also a huge money saver, and are super discreet to use when in public (no plastic sound or smell)! Another huge bonus is no more having to run to the store in an emergency to buy them!

cloth pads.png

If you have any questions about any reusable menstrual options please don’t hesitate to ask us! We are here to help if we can!

Cloth Connection Outreach Charity

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