Saving the World, One Cloth Pad at a Time

Maybe you’ve never heard of cloth menstrual pads or think of your grandmas description of a rag in your underwear… times have changed! Now they have amazing prints on them to help brighten your day, are made with the softest materials and are super easy to clean!

ss cco donation 2017

So now that you know how awesome cloth pads are now, I bet you’re searching them to see how much they cost. There are pads available for small budgets to “I could go out to eat for that much!”.

There are a few programs to help you get cloth pads if you are on a non-existent Ramen Noodle tight budget too.  Cloth Connection Outreach is one of the only FREE programs in the U.S.A. They only charge the cost of shipping the kit to you. They want to help people in need have access to healthy reusable menstrual products. (psst… they also have a menstrual cup kit option!)

CCO’s kits have enough pads for 1-2 days, it’s not a full stash but they give you enough to hopefully save up money not buying disposables to invest into a few more cloth pads. They also give a variety of shapes, lengths and materials in the kits so you can figure out what you prefer and can buy more of your favorites then!


Cloth Connection Outreach is fully volunteer run and everything they have for the kits were donated by individuals, cloth pad makers and menstrual cup companies (MeLuna) with BIG hearts!

There is also a budget friendly Facebook group run by CCO for reusable menstrual products and sewing supplies, and everything is $5 or under!! Say whaaat?! Yes you read that right! That is a great place to invest in your stash if you’re on a tight budget.

Be patient if you are applying for a kit though, they work their hardest to not get more than a month behind but life happens and remember they are volunteering their time! They get a lot of applications so please only apply if you are really in need and can’t afford to buy them yourself. After you are approved for a kit, they send you an email with more instructions. PS feel free to donate a few extra bucks if you want, the running cost of the program is more than they make… which is nothing since the kits are free 😉

Here is a link to their website, the application is available on their and on their Facebook page!

Want to help?! They always welome new and gently used cloth pads from any sewing level, as long as they’ll hold up for the recipient. Spreading the word is a free way to help too. Letting peple know we are here if they need help, and letting your fellow kind hearted seamstresses know if they are looking for a great program to give to. If you have a special talent you’d like to share with them too. Blogger? Social media networker? Like making graphics? Know how to apply for grants? They love when people volunteer their skills to help others! or Facebook message is the best way to get ahold of them if you have any questions. Now go out and “Spread the Cloth Love”!

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