Secret Garden Underwear! Adult Time Panties!

I made this “Secret Garden” Scrundies “hack” a while ago and am jus getting around to making a how to about it. These are “easy access” adult underwear. It uses the Stitch Upon a Time Scrundies or Bunzies pattern.

These are so easy and fun to make. The Scrundies patterns are so easy to modify to fit your needs I highly recommend using the SUAT pattern.


This is what I did. cut out the back the same as normal, but the front you will cut the liner part off of the pattern. You want to leave a little bit to sew the new liners on though.

22016240_1669685229716625_2055060267_nNext cut the liners out, one will be like normal except you will fold in half, the other you will make slightly wider to overlap the flaps to keep everything in when you don’t want it all to show, if you know what I mean. wink wink.

22053076_1669685273049954_1904837790_nI like to overlap the larger side on the inside so the fold doesn’t rub on sensitive parts.

Sew the liners to the front and back.

22016404_1669685106383304_736352538_n *note the overlap on the inside.

Now serge the bands on like normal, making sure to keep the seams laying down flat. (you can topstitch the serge line if you’d like)




Now have fun!

*Use responsibly. Not responsible for any pregnancies resulting from this underwear!

Curtesy  of Teysha’s Creations using Stitch Upon a Time Scrundies pattern.


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