Pocket Panties! Sounds naughty but is so practical! 

I am always looking for sensible solutions to problems, so here is what I’ve come up with for those dreaded cramps! They hold a heat or ice pack or as people mentioned would be good for an insulin pump, or cash and cards while traveling (though may be awkward grabbing your money out while trying to pay for something! 😉 )


I always use Stitch Upon a Time scrundies pattern for all my underwear ideas and highly suggest their pattern because its so versatile and comfortable! These are the boyshorts in a size large.

cut out front  panel in a high rise cut, then cut another front panel about an inch-2 lower than the other one. Cut out the back like normal, you wont be using the liner for these.

Now cut the shorter front panel a tad narrower at the top to keep the pocket tight while wearing with a heat pack. Topstitch down the front shorter pocket part with a stretch stitch. 22016373_1669579666393848_1753949274_n

Now layer the pieces like you would if you were adding the liner. Front panel, back piece then front pocket to encase the inner seam.  22091830_1669579579727190_644703202_n22014974_1669579576393857_582991628_nIt will look like the above picture when flipped after sewing.


Now add the bands like normal. Making sure to sew all the layers (except the top of the pocket part.) Add a snap in the center to secure the pocket while wearing it. I always add a piece of fleece to reinforce the snap if there’s only one layer of fabric.

Now enjoy!! I hope this helps!

Teysha’s Creations modification of SUAT Scrundies.

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