The Menstrual Product Struggle

Have you ever been in such a financial bind that you have to decide if you are going to buy a few necessary groceries or buy menstrual products? This is unfortunate problem is too common. Deciding to feed your family or buy menstrual products each month shouldn’t be something women need to worry about.

I had an unquenchable thirst to help people but didn’t know what direction to take that drive…until I started sewing. I eventually ventured into making reusable products. It never occurred to me to make cloth menstrual pads until I saw a Facebook group with them. That opened up a whole new gateway for me to help people.

Fast forward a few years to September of 2016 when a group of like-minded women and myself joined forces to create Cloth Connection Outreach. We spent a long time deciding what our target donation group would be and how to accomplish our goal of helping people get cloth pads. We now have sent out over 100 free menstrual cup kits and cloth pad kits to people in need in the USA.

CCO logo

But we have only began to scratch the surface of the menstrual product problem. We want everyone to have access to healthy and reusable menstrual products without having finances as a road block. Our ultimate goal is to become a non-profit so we can help even more people. I hope we get to the point where our charity is no longer needed but the sad reality is that America will always have low income families who struggle to pay bills and buy groceries. So we will keep fighting and working our hardest to get these kits to who needs them.

About what we do: We donate new and gently used cloth pads and cups. CCO is volunteer run and donation based. There are very generous people who have donated their gently used pads they no longer need and have made pads to donate to the cause. The used pads (and menstrual cups) are sanitized before shipping so they are clean and ready to use by the recipient. Every kit also comes with an option of ways to wash the pads and how to take care of them so they stay in good condition for long term use.

So if you have ever felt the undeniable need to help your fellow Americans, please consider Cloth Connection Outreach. Volunteers are always needed. As are donations of fabric (flannel, polyester fleece, ribbons 1/2″-1″ wide, plastic snaps and PUL is the water resistant fabric the wet bags are made out of). We host local sew-a-thons and are happy to share patterns and instructions on how to make the pads. There are free patterns on our website, along with lots of other information on the kits and our mission.

Thank you for your caring heart and continuing to help “change the world one cloth pad at a time!”

Facebook: Cloth Connection Outreach (and we have a supporters group to keep updated with sew-a-thons and progress)


CCO pads
A pad sew-a-thon and the donations that were made.



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