Making Cute Period Panties!

Who says period panties have to be boring?! Here’s a short picture tutorial on how I make them. I have tested out dozens of ways to add a pad to undies and this is my favorite way but you can adjust whatever you want to make it fit you best!

I use SUAT Scrundies pattern (these are brief cut), shobf for core, athletic wicking fabric for the topper and PUL for the pad backer. Remember to always use polyester thread for pad making.  Plus obviously your undies you want to use or scrundies you are making for these (make like normal just without the center liner.

Picture 1 and 2 are finished period panties! (front and back view) ps ignore my floor. My house seems to always be under construction and my sewing studio is the last room on the list ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Begin by making your scrundies (without the liner) or with undies you want to use (tighter non 100% fabrics work best.)
I then take my scrundies pattern and lay it on my shobf that’s folded in half and trace the scrundies. (or you can fold you undies in half) you can also trace on paper to make a pattern for future use) picture 3wp-image-638418588jpg.jpeg

then trace what shape and length of pad you want. Make sure to leave at least 1″ from top band and 1/2″ from leg bands. Keep in mind that your actual pad will be a little bigger because of toper and backer sewn past the core.wp-image-1006620725jpg.jpeg

Then lay in your undies to make sure its what you want. picture 4wp-image-1191310769jpg.jpeg

For making the pad I cut large rectangles of the topper and backer fabric so I have wiggle room but you can just leave seam allowance if you wish. Sew your core to the topper.



(trace at least 1/4-1/2″ away from core. Leaving turn hole. I prefer my turn hold in the crotch area as its the straightest and easiest for me but you can make it where ever you want.wp-image-1757368793jpg.jpeg

then put correct sides of topper and backer together and pin pin pin as always with PUL to keep that slippery lil bugger in its place.

sew with a straight stitch on your sew line making sure to leave seam allowance and turn hole.

cut out with pinking shears leaving 1/4″. then turn and tuck your turn hole fabric in. Top stitch entire pad.wp-image-768167964jpg.jpeg

then turn your undies inside out and lay pad in playing around with where the pad will sit to make sure it isn’t too far forward or back and sits in the center of crotch are evenly. Pin in crotch area (not through the core area!)

I sew pad to undies with a three step zig zag stitch. starting where seam of undies in crotch and up about 3″ on each side. I found that a straight stitch made weak points in the fabric really quickly.

Try to sew where the seam of leg bands are for more stability.
Sew one side them check to make sure its still even in the undies. then sew the other side in.wp-image-1917927309jpg.jpeg

That’s it!! Go crazy and make all the period panties!!!!

** note: always wash in laundry bag to keep pad safe**

If you use this tutorial to make some awesome period panties please give me credit for the tutorial and ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you! I’m happy to share my ideas and tutorials as long as people don’t take all the credit for the idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This brought to you by Teysha Wheeler-LeManksi
Teysha’s Love Bug Creations

4 thoughts on “Making Cute Period Panties!

  1. What is SHOBF please? Thank you very much for this. My daughter is home visiting and I am going to get her to help me download the Scrundies pattern. I am determined. To learn how to make them. I need the โ€œsneezeโ€ liner. Spending way too much on panty liners and I think they are starting to be irritating because I always want to have one in.


    1. Hello. SHOBF standard for super heavy organic bamboo fleece. If you just need enough absorbancy for a liner for minor sneeze pees flannel should do the trick. 2-4 layers depending on how often you change the underwear.
      Scrundies are a game changer. They are so comfortable. You’ll love them. Let me know if you have any other questions. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I just started making scrundies and I want to make a set of period panties for backup with my menstrual cup and light days. I can’t wait to try this!


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