How to Add a Pad to Underwear

I have always had trouble finding underwear that are comfortable and fit and adding a cloth pad to underwear that already don’t fit well isn’t always a great idea. So I figured out how to add my own smaller pads to underwear I already own. You can use this for making Scrundies or adding a pad to underwear you already own.

Excuse my poor pictures and horrible tracing, this was a quick rushed tutorial but you get the idea from them.

Finished underear

I used Zorb for my core, PUL backing and athletic wicking jersey for the topper for this pad.20160810_185316

this version I am making Scrundies but you can use this for any underwear you already own.

Lay your core fabric under the underwear and trace the crotch part onto the core fabric

Decide how long you want your Liner and cut the pad to the size you want. The one I am doing is 6″ Long.

trace uderwear onto topper material and PUL that will be the pad backer.
after the core is drawn on, trace lines about 1/4-1/2″ smaller to fit into underwear better.


Zorb, topper and Pul backer all cut out

Cut the topper and PUL the same size as the undies . the actual pad will end up slightly smaller than these

Sew Core to topper. Then topper to backer and turn and topstitch.
Lay Pad where you want in the Underwear and use a stretch stitch to attach all the way around the pad to the undies
The pad is stitched into the undies
Finished underwear

You can make the pad longer or shorter If you’d like with this.  Hope this helped! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


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