Modified S.U.A.T. Scrundies into shorts Tutorial!

I am OBSESSED with Stitch Upon A Times Scrundies pattern but the thing about them I love most is the versatility of it! I’ve modified it in a few ways but this tutorial is about the house shorts version. Mind you I am not a Professional seamstress and I’m sure I didn’t do anything the “proper” way but here is what I did if you’d like to attempt these for yourself!


First thing you need is the Scrundies Pattern from Stitch Upon A Time. I used 100% knit cotton for these (but prefer 95/5 cotton lycra) and always use cotton lycra bands. These are a size small.

modify your pattern. I moved the side seam over about 3″ toward the front. and lowered the back panel by 2″. 20160720_143709

Cut out your fabric with your new pattern. The waist band will be the same size as the original Scrundies versions. for the leg bands I cut out 1.5″ pieces of cotton lycra 24″ long. 20160721_113848

Now assemble your “crotch” area of scrundies the same way as the original version. 20160721_114057

Next you need to attach the leg bands. sew it like Biased Tape. I sewed the correct sides together then fold under and top stitch down. I used a zig zag stitch to attach the leg band. Then I used a wavy stretch stitch to top stitch it together.

note that the band doesn’t go all the way to the front part of the undies.

Next you top stitch the side seams together. Make sure the back part if on top of the front. 20160721_115832

attach the waist band now like normal. I made mine a higher fold over yoga waist but its the same concept. 20160721_121339

The finished product!! obviously you can modify it any way you need to fit your body best. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know if you have any questions!!20160721_121721

6 thoughts on “Modified S.U.A.T. Scrundies into shorts Tutorial!

  1. Would you by any chance know what the leg bands should be modified to for a size medium and large? I’m so excited to give this a try but not sure how to make sure my sizing is right since the tutorial is for a small.


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